Used / Antiquarian Books sold by Dr. Hoff's Therapeutic Bibliotheca

Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Philosophy, and Christianity

Dr. Hoff's Therapeutic Bibliotheca
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Terms of Sale

Prices are in US dollars. Taxes included. Shipping at cost, which averages $10 CDN for the first volume to Canada and $12 US to the States. Postage varies greatly depending upon size and weight of packed book. Discounts are given on large orders, especially to dealers and students. Click here to convert currencies.

To place an order, send an e-mail message to

Once a sale is confirmed, send a cheque in U.S. or Canadian funds. Credit card payment by Visa or Mastercard. Books offered are subject to prior sale, especially considering the cataloguing program has not been working since 2011 and no revisions have been made to the active list  since then. Confirmed orders will be held for two weeks. Items are returnable within three weeks of delivery if arrival condition does not match description given. All books sold are tight copies with good bindings and hinges and no loose pages, and are packed in bubble wrap and cardboard.

Selling books is secondary to my practice as a psychologist, amd is now considered a hobby, but I have my long-time assistant, Lukas Tjiong, to process orders.